Large Fowl

English Leghorn Chicken

white breeds - leghorn - italianer
english leghorn chicken sbreeds

This is the largest of the leghorns, stands taller than the others, has a much coarser headdress, while the back, especially with the roosters, is rather strong. The tail is relatively small and is worn folded especially with the hens.
The colors of the eyes, ears and legs are the same as in the Dutch Leghorns, while the comb is required only individually, in the cockerel upright and in the hen it falls to one side.

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The breed only comes in one color in the Netherlands, namely white. The black color has also been recognized among the dwarves since 2006.

  • Rooster : 3 – 3,5 kg
  • Hen : 2,5 – 3 kg
white rooster - leghorn
english leghorn rooster
english leghorn - white chickens
Egnlish Leghorn Hen

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