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Gascon Chicken breed

french chickens - gascon chicken
gascon chickens

The Gascon chicken is a farm variety from the Garonne valley – from the Gironde to the Pyrenees – which has gradually disappeared with the arrival of modern breeds which, although poorly adapted to outdoor breeding, have supplanted it. The rescue of the breed was organized around the last traditional breeding discovered in the 1980s on a few farms in Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Gers.

The Gascon chickens is closely related to the Landaise, which it closely resembles, but differs in having white earlobes instead.

The plumage is shiny black with a metallic sheen, thick and dense. The crest is bright red, drooping to the side in the female, the mumps are red and the legs thin, gray in color. Gascon hens are particularly hardy and preferably live in the open air where they find a significant part of their diet. The flesh is white and of great finesse.

  • Rooster : 2,5-3 kg
  • Hen  : 1,8-2,3 kg

Eggs: 60−65 g; about 200 eggs per year; light colored shell.

rooster - black
gascon rooster
french chickens - gascon
gascon hen

Also known by the names : Gasconne, Gasconne, Gascona


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