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German Empire Chicken

German Empire Chicken - light
German Empire Chicken

The German Empire Chicken , whose name may seem a bit odd from a historical point of view. The idea of a German national chicken was already in the foreground when this breed was created, but that was already around 1895. A time when many Germans first identified with many German principalities united under Bismarck.

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The chicken is listed as threatened on the Red List of Endangered Pets. By the way, there is no German blood in his veins. To breed the German Empire Chicken , Asian original breeds such as Brahma, Orpington and Sussex were used, but Mediterranean breeds such as Italians and Minorca were also crossed. source:

  • Rooster : 3.5kg
  • Hen : 2.5kg

They lay 180 eggs in a year.

poule - rooster - geman
German Empire rooster
chicken - black - grey
German Empire Hen

Also known by the names : Deutsche Reichshühner, Poule du Reich, Regno Todesco, Alemana Imperial, Duits Rijkshoen, Niemiecka rzeszowa, Nemecká ríšska, Německé říšské, Német Birodalmi Tyúk, Nemska Imperatorska Kokoshka

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