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German Faverolles Chickens

favoreslles - Lachshuhn
german faverolle chickens

German Faverolles chicken has its origins in France. A broiler chicken was bred there in the mid-19th century, and the Dorking, Brahma, and Houdan breeds were used to breed it. The main breeding ground was in and around the Faverolles, later named the breed and these chickens first appeared in 1866.

From 1900 Faverolles were increasingly introduced to Germany. In France, where these animals are kept as farm animals, little attention has been paid to external characteristics. Intensive breeding work began here, and a separate German standard was established in 1912. It was also bred from a Zwiehn breeding breed, that is, a chicken whose beneficial traits lay in fattening and laying performance.

There is also a small version ( bantam faverolle ) of the german favorelle.

Rooster : 3-4 kg
Hen : 2.5-3.25 kg

Today, German salmon chickens lay up to 160 eggs a year.

favorelles - germna - chickens
Faverolle black rooster
favorelles - slomon - Deutsche Faverolles
german faverolle hen – salmon

Also known by the names : Deutsches Lachshuhn, Deutsche Faverolles, Faverolles Allemande, Faverolles Alemana, Fawerole Niemiecki typ, Duits Faverolles, Njemačka Losos Kokoš, Faverolky (Německý Typ), Faverolka (Nemecký typ), Német Lazactyúk (EE: Német Faverolles), Nemski Faverol

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