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German Langschan ;

Very docile and quick confident, With his upright posture and broad chest, the German Langschan resembles an Asian fighting chicken. In fact, it was first bred from Croad-Langschans, a chicken breed that came to England from China in 1872. When they were imported to Germany only seven years later, the Croad-Langschan crossed the country with Minorkas and Plymouth Rocks. The purpose of this cross was a bare-footed high standing chicken with good spawning performance and also a good meat set so that it could be used as a slat.

  • Rooster: 3 – 4.5 kg
  • Hen: 2.5 – 3.5 kg,

Today there are 4 shades of black, white, brown breasted and covered in blue.

Similar breeds;

Features and performance;

The spawning capacity of the German Langschan increases to 180 in the first year of ovulation and up to 120 in the second year of ovulation. They lay large, cream-colored eggs.

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Also known by the names : Deutsche Langschan, Langshan Allemande, Langschan Tedesca, Langshan Alemana, Langszanka Niemiecka, Langšanka Nemecká, Német Langschan, Nemski Langshan


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