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German Sperber Chickens

german chickens - Coucou
German Sperber chickens

The German Sperber Chickens is originally native to the Reinland, Germany . As early as 1900, Otto Trieloff from Duisburg was breeding this medium-weight breed of chicken from plymouth rocks, Italianers , Scots grey, pied Bergische Schlotterkämme and black Minorka. As the name suggests, the German Sperber Chicken is only available in the color scheme.

Currently there are supposed to be around 1300 animals in Germany, unfortunately the animals are not listed in the herdbook so the population figures are based on speculation.

The animals are lively, but not shy and rather trusting in nature. As representatives of the country fowl form, the German sparrowhawks are quite large and quite good forage hunters and so-called non-fliers.

There is also a German Sperber Bantam, developed in the 1960s.

  • Roosters ; 2.5–3 kg
  • Hens ; 2–2.5 kg

The German Sperber lay around 180 eggs a year and can therefore justifiably be called an economic breed.

cocou - german - rooster - large
German Sperber rooster
hen - chickens - large breeds
German Sperber hen

Also known by the names : Deutsche Sperber, Coucou Allemand, Sparviero Tedesco, Cuclillo de Alemania, Tyske Sperber, Duitse Koekoek, Niemiecka Krogulcowa, Német Kendermagos, Nemska Ivichesta Kokoshka

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