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Gold Partridge Brahma Chickens

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Golden Brahma ;

The Brahma chicken is thought to have originated from the Shanghais, who were closely related to the Cochins and Langshans. In 1847, it was traded to America by ships from Shanghai near the Brahmaputra River in India. Although the breed was originally called ‘Shanghaes’, it received the name Brahma.

We all agree that these lovely giants, Brahma Chicken, is the King and Queen of chickens.

Since they are a very big and heavy breed, they consume more feed and slowly.

Gold Colour Brahma ; 

Golden brown head; Golden neck and saddle hangers with black stripes on the shaft, cut in gold on both sides at the top of the feather along the spine. The chest, abdomen, thighs and feet are black in color with a narrow brown border. The back, shoulders and wing cover brown gold.

The head is golden in color, neck straps are rich golden with multiple black markings similar to cloak feathers with broad golden decorative borders. Body feathers are golden brown with lots of black bands and dark colored quill, following the shape of the feather.

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