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Gournay Chickens

poule gournay - la gournay - chickens
Gournay chickens

It takes its name from the village of Gournay en Bray, in Seine Maritime.

Gournay chickens is part of the triptych, Mantes and Houdan. They are very close geographically but also by the pebbling of their plumage, spotted white on a black background. We can in fact concede a relationship to them from the second half of the 19th century, but subsequently they had a very different history and development. Especially when the Houdan was at its peak, the Gournay almost disappeared, even before the First World War.

This breed appeared in the nineteenth century almost disappeared and as always it was saved by a few passionate breeders.

Its plumage is black, pebbled with white.

The most common variety is single-crested, but it existed as a curly crest.

  • Rooster 2.5-3 kg
  • Hen 2.5 kg
gournay chickens - motled - french
Gournay rooster and hen
motled chickens - french breeds
Gournay hen

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