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Houdan Chickens

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houdan chickens

Houdan chickens were once primarily bred in Paris for meat-loving customers. The aim was to raise a fast growing, heavy chicken with excellent meat quality. Appearing in the Seint-et-Oise section in the 19th century, these stunning chickens were originally known as “Norman chickens”, one of the oldest French chicken breeds. The origins of the houdans can be deduced here: Norman Crève Coeur chickens! They were used to cross local breeds of farmers to get the desired end product: a fast-growing gourmet chicken of reasonable weight. Meanwhile, in the 19th century chickens were mostly marketed in markets, and as many of these animals gathered at the market in Houdan, the “Norman chicken” quickly became the Houdan chicken. When the first Houdan chickens arrived in England around 1850, efforts were made to improve and standardize their appearance. In order to gain even more seriousness, the dorking transitions were made only later.

Color: mottled white, white, black, pearl gray and black.

  • Rooster : 2.50 – 3.50 kg
  • Hen : 2.00 – 3.00 kg

The spawning capacity is about 160 eggs per year, ie about one egg every 2.3 days.

french chickens - rooster - houdan
houdan rooster
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houdan hen

Also known by the names : Hudánka, Hudánky

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