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Indio León Spanish Breeds

blue chivkens - gallina
Indio de León spanish chicken breeds

Gallina Indio de León

The indio León is a breed of hen native to the León Valley in Spain. This breed is included in the Group of Indigenous Breeds in Danger of Extinction.

The origin of this breed goes back a long time, despite this it is little documented. There are historical references in which its existence and its breeding are described as early as the seventeenth century. It is believed to have its origin in the primitive Red Jungle Rooster (Gallus gallus). Subsequently, it has had to adapt to altitudes above a thousand meters. In its formation, according to Orozco 1989, the Andalusian chicken breeds has intervened, or has a common origin, because they carry the blue gene.

The plumage is gray with bluish reflections, highly variable in the mantle or coat according to the color of the feather: white-gray, red, brown and black. From this breed the feather for the manufacture of lures is obtained, almost exclusively flies for trout fishing.


  • Roosters ; 2.2 kg
  • Hens ;1.5 kg
spanish rooster - chickens
Indio de León rooster
hen - spanish - blue
Indio de León hen

Also known by the names : Coq indien du Leon, Gallo Indio de Leon, Horoz indijski Leon

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