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izworth chickens

The Ixworth chickens is a British breed of domestic white chicken. It is named after the Suffolk village of Ixworth, where it was founded in 1932. It was bred as a fast growing, quality cattle breed with adequate egg laying abilities.

A dual purpose breed of Sussex White, Menorca White, Orpington White, Indian Game and Indian Game White chickens was bred to create a fast growing, high quality, reasonably laying bovine bird.

There is only one variety White, which has pinkish-white legs and a beak with completely white feathers. The scallops are pea-shaped and the eyes are orange to red in color.

An Ixworth dwarf was created in 1938; Appleyard thought it was better than the standard size bird.

  • Rooster ; 4kg
  • Hen ; 3kg
dual purpose chickens - ixworth
ixworth roooster
white hen - ixworth
ixworth hen – white chickens

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