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Izegem Cuckoo Chickens

izegem chickens - cuckoo colour -belgian
Coucou d’Izegem

The Izegem cuckoo is a very old and beautiful Flemish breed, which has recently been revived. The following of this breed is not particularly large, but together it concerns about forty breeders in Flanders. In 1907 the association Neerhof van Izegem was founded in Izegem. The first standard for this chicken was submitted in 1909 and that under the name ‘Iseghemschen Koekuit’. The exact origins and the time of appearance for this breed are unknown, but the bird was developed to its modern shape and size in the early years of the 20th century.

The Izegem cuckoo is a fairly robust, cuckoo-colored meat shoe with a rose comb. The breed knows how to combine its quality as a meat producer like no other with good laying.

  • Rooster ; 4 kg
  • Hen ; 3.5 kg

On average, the hens lay 150 eggs per year.

izegem chickens - belgian
Izegem Cuckoo hen
huhn - chickens - belgian - cuckoo
Izegemer Sperber huhn

Also known by the names : Izegemer Sperber, Coucou d’Izegem, Izegemse Koekoek

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