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The lovely and rare Java is an old dual-purpose breed developed in America from Asian stock. Mottled Java Chickens are the second oldest breed of chicken in America, they’re predated only by the equally rare but better known Dominique.

In fact, the Java was used as a foundation to develop many American breeds, Black Jersey Giant, Barred Plymouth Rock, and therefore the Black Australorp.

Overall impression, nature

The somatotype is one among the foremost distinguishing features of Javas. they need an oblong shape, very similar to the Rhode Island Red, but with a sloping back line. the rear should be long; actually Javas have the longest backs within the American Class. Javas have full, well-rounded breasts.

  • male: 4.3 kg
  • female: 3.4 kg

A bantam version is additionally available for the Java, but it’s relatively rarer than the massive bird.

They are good person layers. They lay large brown eggs from 180 – 240 per annum

But today it’s on the critical conservancy list as their numbers are dangerously low.

chicken are available four varieties:

  • Black
  • Mottled
  • White
  • Auburn
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