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Jersey Giant - Chickens breeds - large fowl
Jersey Giant Chickens

Jersey Giant Chicken Origin;

Produced in the US East Coast State of New Jersey in the 1880s, by breeders whose goal was to breed an unusually large, heavy and fleshy breed. For breeding, large fowl breeds such as black Croad Langshans, dark Brahmas, Cornish and black Java were used. The black Jersey Giant was admitted to the American standard in 1922.

Overall impression;

An exceptionally large and powerful breed, with a horizontal stance and a broad and medium position. A Jersey Giant is first and foremost a meaty breed, expressing itself in size and body fullness, but also in body depth and breadth. A calm breed that prides itself on its size thrives well under smaller conditions. Slightly slow in growth, but turns into a large and good slaughter animal and a fairly good egg-layer.

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  • Rooster: 5 – 5.9 kg.
  • Hen: 3.6 – 4.9 kg.

The shell color of eggs Brownish

Colour varieties ;

  • Black:
  • White:
  • Blue / peripheral character:


Jersey Giante
jersey razze
Jersey Giants - chicken breeds
jersey giants

Also known by the names : Jersey Giante, Jersey Kæmper, Džerzijska velika, Džerzejka, Žerzejští obři, Jersey óriás, Dzharzeyski Gigant, Jersey Uriaş



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