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Jitokko chicken ( Japanese Creeper)

japan chickens - endemic - creeper
jitokko japan creeper chickens

It is a very rare type of Japanese chicken that is in danger of extinction in Japan. Jitokko’s characteristics are short legs and a beard, as well as a very plump and long tail. It has probably been crossed with a small Satsumadori chicken in the recent past. Very few of these birds are bred in Kagoshima Prefecture, and breeders are concerned about the lack of fresh blood lines due to closely related matings.

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The short legs and freely upright body and lowly carried wings, the rather long tail with long sickles and the broad base make the animal appear taller than it actually is. Compact body looks very full, but very round due to the large pubescence.

  • Roosters 2-3 kg.
  • Hens 1.5-2.5 kg.
creeper - japan chickens
jitokko rooster
japan - jitokko - hen
jitokko hen


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