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Kosovo Longcrower Chickens

kosovo chickeens - crested
Kosovo Longcrower

Kosovo Longcrower ; It comes from Drenica and is often referred to as the Drenica Rooster. It is a little known chicken that is common in some parts of Kosovo. It is believed that this breed was introduced to the Balkans by the Turks during the Ottoman rule in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria. In 1936, some travel writers called it the Gjilan Musicals in foreign newspapers. Some experts even claim that the exterior of this breed is very similar to a rare breed called the Dutch Brabant.

It is a very ancient breed that originated in Kosovo, but has been common in western Macedonia and southern Serbia for a long time. It has been raised with extraordinarily long, very soft and melodic songs that can reach up to 60 seconds. Chickens of this breed also sometimes sing for more than 15 seconds.

The Kosovo Long-Tailed chickens is only black in color, it may also be black, but some feathers on the wings may be red or gold, while the Kosovo Rooster hen is black in all cases. As he ages, white spots, which are a sign of aging, can form on his hair.


  • Rooster : 2.5 – 3.3 kg
  • Hen : 1.8 – 2.2 kg.

Average laying capacity does not exceed 160 eggs per year, it is white in color and weighs 55-60 grams.

black rooster - Kosovo chickens
Kosovo Longcrower rooster
Kosovo Longcrower - black hen - kosovo
Kosovo Longcrower hen

Also known by the names : Chanteur du Kosovo, Kosovo Kräher, Kosovski kukurjek, Kosowska piejąca, Kosovaki pevač, Kosova Horozu, Kosovo kraaier

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