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Kraienköppe Chickens

dutch chickens
Kraienköppe chickens

Kraienköppe Twents hoen

has a reputation for being sturdy and easy to maintain, particularly hard-working egg layers. In addition, beautiful backyard chickens with characteristic fighting styles are easy to tame. The breed, which is attractive in terms of self-sufficiency, originally comes from the border region between Germany and the Netherlands.

It is no accident that the Kraienköppe still has a combative appearance. Originally, the breed was originally bred for cockfights that were still very popular in the 19th century. The Lazonder brothers, who lived in the Netherlands between 1880 and 1890, selected animals of various breeds and origins. Malay game fowl, Belgian warriors, some Italian breeds and Dutch village chickens. From these hybrids they obtained bold, very strong bony animals that were superior to Malaysia.

From warrior to farm chicken; The new breed, known in the Netherlands as the “Twentse Grijze”, like many other fighting chicken breeds, evolved into an extremely weak egg breed and was therefore initially restricted to a small breeder group.

  • Rooster; 2.5 – 3 kg
  • Hen; 1.75 – 2.5 kg

200 egg laying capacity per year

rooster - game fowl
Twentshoen – rooster
german chickens - rooster -game
Kraienköppe rooster
game hen - Kraienköppe
Kraienköppe hen

Also known by the names :Poule de Twente, Twentse, Twentshoen, Wronoglowka, Vranohlávka, Vranohlavky, Kraienköppe (Varjúfejű), Tventska Kokoshka, Vranoglava Kokoshka

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