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La Flèche chickens

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La Flèche chicken

La Flèche chicken is a rare breed today, but has been available in France since 1660. Its name comes from the town of La Flèche in the Sarthe valley. It is a large, double-ended chicken with a horn crest and the remains of a small hoopoe. It is nicknamed “devil’s chicken” because of its two-horned coat of arms. They have long hair, white mumps, and almost always black hair. Their legs and feet are black. Its tail is well developed and has a lot of ornamental feathers. It probably comes from Crèvecoeur chicken and white-faced Spanish. When used as a table bird, the skin of La Flèche chicken is rather white. The La Fleche bantam type was developed in Germany.

  • Rooster : 3.6-4 kg
  • Hen : 2.7-3.1 kg

Good eggs produce about 200 white-shelled eggs each year.

french chickens - la Flèche
La Flèche rooster
french chickens black - poultry
La Flèche hen

Also known by the names : Lafléška, La flešly, La Flesh, La Fleche

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