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Lakenvelder Chickens

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Lakenvelder rooster

Lakenvelder İnformations;

These Dutch chicken birds are thought to be named after the town of Lakenvelt, but they were developed in Germany. They’re very rarely kept in the U.S., but those who do keep them do so as pets, for eggs and show only.

Various theories about Lakenfeld’s origin are circulating: According to one, it originated in Lakervelt in the early 18th century. After the other, it flourished simultaneously in Westphalia and the Netherlands and owes its name to similarly drawn farm animals such as Lakenfeld cattle. But they definitely belong to the older spawning breeds.

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Medium-sized, robust village chicken with a lively temperament. The basic white color is a stark contrast to the velvety black neck straps and the black, green sparkly tail.

  • Rooster 1.75-2.25 kg
  • Chicken 1.5-2 kg.

Today the main breeding ground is in northwest Germany.

Chickens lay 160 to 200 white-shelled eggs each year weighing at least 50g. Meat production is relatively low, but meat is very tasty.

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Lakenvelder hen

Also known by the names : Lakenfelder, Lakenfeld, Lakenfeldska, Lakenfeldka, Lakenfeldky, Lakenfeldi


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