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American Leghorn Chicken

white rooster - american leghorn
american leghorn rooster

About American Leghorn Chicken ;

Their real home belongs to the Italian port city Livorno, which means “Leghorn” in English, which explains the name of the breed.From there it reached the United States around 1830.This breed is the breeding base of many industrial chickens.

Overall impression;

The American type of the Leghorn is about as big as the Dutch type, but looks more ornamental, thanks to their rich plumage and to the cock’s splendid male feathering in neck, saddle and tail. The cock’s single comb stands erect, while the hen’s comb is lopped and falls over on one side. The rose comb variety is also recognised, with the comb’s spike protruding beyond the back of the skull.

The breed flies and easily flies from 2 meters high hedges.

The chicken weight between ; 

  • rooster 2,00 – 2,70 kg
  • hen : 1,70 – 2,20 kg

The only colour variety allowed in this breed type is the white.

lays up to 200 eggs per year

American bantam lehgorn lay up 180 eggs per year

white hen - chicken breeds
american leghorn chicken
chicken white
american leghorn chicken hen
yellow hen - leghorn
american leghorn yellow hen

Also known by the names : Amerikanische Leghorn, Leghorn américaine, Amerikaanse Leghorn, Americki leghorn, Amerykanski Leghorn, Amerikanske Leghorn, Leghornka, Laghornky, Amerikai Leghorn, Americki leghorn, Leghorn amerikanski

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