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Light Brahma Chicken

columbian - light brahma - giant brahma
light brahma rooster

About light brahma ;

Light Brahma may be a very ancient feathered chicken of Asian origin. While the ancestors of recent Light Brahmas came from India, we all know that the breed we all know today was developed within the us .

The variety of sunshine is one among the primary sorts of the breed recognized by the American Standard of Excellence. The rooster and chicken are almost involved. the top is pure white, wide, dark black, bright green shaft lines and neck skirt with a white skirt.

Dark Brahma was developed from Light Brahma stock imported from the USA within the UK.

We offer the quality size Light Brahmas:

  • Brahma will stand around 30 inches tall ( 76cm )
  • hen average 4.4 kg.
  • rooster average 5.4 kg. at maturity.
columbian brahma - light brahma
light brahma chicken hen
cockerel - pullet - brahma
light brahma chicks

Light Brahma baby chicks are smoky gray and yellow on their heads.

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