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Limousine chickens

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Limousine chickens

The Limousine chickens is basically a small rustic and rather disparate local hen, raised on Limousin farms since the dawn of time, without any real fame except that of producing feathers. The use of artificial “flies” is already attested in the 2nd century by the Greek Claudius Elien. This specificity did not, however, protect it from the scarcity it experienced during the Second World War.

It is a rustic hen from ancient local breeds of Limousin, in particular from the granite soils of Haute-Corrèze. The plumage is mostly blue or gray chickens, turning with age to honey-gray. The plumage of the hen may be ashy, spotted. The hackle is darker. There is a spotted white variety. The French standard recognizes the following colors: blue, black, blue with colored adornments, black with hackles tinged with red.

  • Rooster 4.5 kg
  • Hen 2.5 kg

The hen lays 170 to 200 pinkish-white eggs per year, weighing around 55 grams5 and can sometimes exceed 100 grams!

The standard was approved in 1991. The breed has been internationally recognized since 1992.

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Limousine hen

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