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Lyonnaise chickens

Lyonnaise ; French chicken created by Mr. Etienne Tamburni in the Lyon area. It is the result of crossing a white silkie chicken and a Curly Dutch white-crested bantam rooster with a naked neck , then crossing again with a white- Dutch crested rooster and eventually with a Black Hambourg rooster.

Approved in 1969, it is still underrepresented today due to difficulties in its selection. This breed nearly disappeared in the early 2000’s and there are currently only 15 officially recognized breeders. It is a poultry that has two purposes: an excellent incubator, but also thin meat.

It is a medium-type poultry that has curly black feathers. Its head is decorated with a beaded crest with multiple protrusions ending in 3 spurs, and a small crest with feathers turning forward, especially in chicken. The face is smooth with a white bump.

  • Rooster : 2.5 kg
  • Hen : 1.5 kg
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Lyonnaise currly rooster
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Lyonnaise rooster standard
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Lyonnaise hen

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