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Malay Game Fowl Chickens

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Malay game fowl chickens

The Malay Chickens are an ancient hunter breed and primitive poultry from India and the Malay Archipelago that came to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century and used to breed different breeds. Ancient breed originating from Southeast Asia (Malay Peninsula), where it is very widespread. Imported to England in 1830, where it is still bred (Cornwall), also known as the “Great Malay Fighter“. It seems to derive from crosses between Indian Fighter rooster and Chittagong hens.

It has been bred for display purposes since cockfighting was banned in England. It has also been grown in Germany since the mid-19th century and refined according to the type of exhibition available. Malay is a pure sports chicken.

The well-known bantam breed, malay bantam, is also common.

Malay is a high, proud chicken 70-80 cm tall, very large, very muscular and fighter in a very high position. Feathers are short, firm and tight. The S-shaped neck is arched at the back, and the tail forms the upper demarcation lines with three arcs (three belt lines). Form takes priority over color. This fighting chicken has a brave, combative and determined character.

  • Roosters : 4.5 kg
  • Hens : 3.5 kg
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malay rooster
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malay hen

Also known by the names : Malaien, Combattant Malais, Combattente Malese, Combatiente Malayo, Maleier, Malayer Bojowiec, Malajski, Malajski borac, Malajka, Malajky, Maláj, Malayski Borec, Combatantă Malaieză

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