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Marsh Daisy chickens

Marsh Daisy old english chickens ;

The Marsh Daisy is a rare breed of chicken originating in Lancashire, England. Its name may be related to its origin in a swamp-like area, or that its large rose crest resembles the flower of the Marsh Daisy (Armeria maritima).

John Wright and Charles Moore of Lancashire, England created Marsh Daisy Chicken between 1880 and 1913. The breed contains the genes of a cross between an Old English bantam, a cinnamon-colored Malay chicken, a black Hamburg and white Leghorn chicken, and a Sicilian Buttercup rooster.

It is still a very rare species today.

Marsh Daisy is a tough, thrifty barn hen that matures slowly. It is a light standard poultry breed with

  • Rooster 2.95 kg
  • Hen 2.5 kg.

For a bird dedicated to large chickens, Marsh Daisy is quite small and can be found in different colors. They all have a large rose comb, white earlobes, pale green legs, and horn-colored toenails. The tail is directed at a 45 degree angle and the chest is round.

Marsh Daisy Chicken is a sturdy bird that is particularly suitable for the field and is an excellent forager. They live especially long and lay many colored eggs.

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Marsh Daisy rooster
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Marsh Daisy hen

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