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Minorca chicken - black - spanish
Minorca chickens

The Minorca chicken is a type of chicken native to the island of Menorca (Spain). It is classified as Mediterranean class by the American Poultry Association. They mature quickly and start singing earlier than other breeds. The Spanish white face chicken is closely related to the southern Andalusian and Castilian black.

The exact origin of these birds on the island is unknown; However, some protohistoric finds indicate its presence on the island between 1000 and 600 BC.

They are strong-looking, restless birds, with a simple and broad crest, a red face, no feathers, white almond-shaped ears, and well-visible jaws. Legs, tarsi, and toes are black or slate.

The well-known bantam breed Minorca Bantam, which is also cared for by the private association, is more common than the large breed.

  • Rooster ; 3.5 kg
  • Hen ; 2.5 kg

They lay between 100 and 120 white eggs a year.

spanish rooster
Minorca rooster
black hen - Minorka
Minorca black hen

Also known by the names : Minorka, Minorque, Menorca, Minorki, Minorky

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