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modern english game

Modern English game are characteristic animals. It is the result of the transition between Malay game and Old English games. This breed was developed in the late 1850s and was conceived as a new version of a fight roosters with silky feathers. However, the modern British Fighter was developed for display mostly in living rooms rather than participating in fights (it was already banned at the time).

A very nice pet originally from England, Modern Game has an unusual, curious look with long paws and short and strong legs. It has a good character and is easily attached to its masters, in short, a very nice little animal. English game is an elegant breed that has been bred for exhibitions in England from 1850 and continues to captivate the audience.

Although the modern english game represents a pure sporting and show chicken, it is very durable and its laying performance is satisfactory. Eggs are generally resistant to artificial incubation, and rearing is almost no problem. There is also a Modern Game Bantam .

  • Rooster: 4.0 kg
  • Hen: 3.2 kg
game chickens - game fowl - english
modern game rooster
game fowl - modern game
modern game hen

Also known by the names : Moderne Englische Kämpfer, Combattant Anglais Moderne, Combattente Inglese Moderno, Combatiente Inglés Moderno, Modern Engels Vechthoen, Moderne Engelske Kæmper, Bojowiec Nowoangielski, Novoanglická Bojovníčka, Novoanglické Bojovince, Modern Angol Harcos, Novoangliyski Borec, Combatantă Engleză Tip Modern


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