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New Hampshire Chicken ;

The origins of the New Hampshire chicken are but 100 years old. Developed as a separate breed of Rhode Island Red chickens in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

New Hampshire was also chosen due to its meat quality and size and is therefore an excellent dual-purpose breed. it’s faster to grow and pubescent, matures early and is even stronger.

Around 1910, New Hampshire’s poultry chicken breeds chose chickens for faster pubescence, faster growth and maturity than the Rhode Island around.

It was considered a special breed in 1935 (Sustainable Heritage Chicken Breed), developed from the Rhode Island Red strain delivered to the state of latest Hampshire in 1915.

Appearance ;

New Hampshire is roughly an equivalent size as Rhode Island Red, but the body features a more triangular shape. Mature birds are an upscale chestnut red, slightly lighter and more shady than Rhode Island Reds. The chicks also are lighter red.

In sunlight, feathers bleach to a lighter red shade.

  • Roosters 3.9 kg
  • Hens 2.9 kg

Finally, New Hampshire has two more types:

  • The blue-tailed was created within the Netherlands and is extremely rare.
  • New Hampshire white is additionally extremely and very difficult to seek out an honest breeder of this cute bird.
  • There is also a new hampsire bantam version.

New Hampshire lays about 200 large color / brown eggs a year

Pictures of Chickens and Roosters

different breeds of chicken - red chicken
new hampshire red cook – roosters types
red hen chicken
new hampshire red hen – hen type

Also known by the names : New Hampshire, Nju Hempšir, Hempšírka, Hempšírky, Nyuhempshir


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