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North Holland Blue Chicken

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North Holland Blue chicken

North Holland Blue chicken;

Dutch: ‘Noord-Hollandse Blauwe‘ or ‘Noord-Hollandse Hoen‘ is a Dutch domesticated chicken breed originating in the North Dutch state. It is a heavy meat breed bred in Amsterdam to meet the demand for large white chickens, especially from the Jewish community.

It derives from the Belgian Malines , The blood of the Malines in the make-up of this breed is seen in its quick maturity and rapid growth.

North Holland Blue is a chicken breed found in the North Holland state. Created as an egg-laying breed at the beginning of the 20th century, North Holland Blues is a single variety with a black and white striped pattern called Cuckoo.

It is thought that this breed first came about in the early 1900s when the Belgian Malines was bred with other Dutch breeds in order to create a hardier chicken. The breed originated as a cross between heavy local breeds and the Mechel Fowl. Later, it was crossed with the Plymouth Rock to improve its quality as a laying hen.

North Holland Blues have quiet, docile temperaments, and chickens are good light brown egg layers. In the 21st century, they are extremely rare, almost unknown outside of their home country and the United Kingdom. North Holland Blues have white skin and clean legs in their home country.

A breed standard was adopted by the Noord-Hollandse Blauwenclub van Nederland, an association of breeders, in 1934, and was adopted with minor modifications by the national association of poultry farmers, Nederlandse Hoender en Dwerghoender Bond, in 1950.

  • rooster 3.5-4 kg
  • hen 2.75-3.25 kg

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North Dutch chicken is only available in spotted color. It has a calm, gentle temperament and lays about 140 eggs a year. The breed is not recognized in Germany.

Bantam ;

North Holland Blue bantams should follow exactly the large fowl standard.


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North Holland Blue rooster
hen type - dutch cihckens - large chickens - North Holland Blue
North Holland Blue chicken hen

Also known by the names : Nordholländisches Huhn, Poule de Hollande du Nord, Cuclillo de Holand, Pollo dell’Olanda del Nord, Noord-Hollandse Blauwe, Noord-Hollandse Hoenders, Severnoholandska Kokoshka

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