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old english - game chicken breeds
old english game chickens

OEG Breed informations ;

Old English Game chicken is a British native chicken breed that was originally bred for cockfighting. Cockfighting was declared illegal in the country in 1849.

Two different breeds are recognized by the Poultry Club of Great Britain:

  • Carlisle Old English Game
  • Oxford Old English Game.

Carlisle has different qualities, such as being heavier than Oxford, having a larger chest and a horizontal back.

Charlisle ;

  • Rooster: 2.50 – 2.55 kg
  • Hen: 1.80 – 2.25 kg

Oxford ;

  • Rooster: 1.80 – 2.50 kg
  • Hen: 0.90-1.36 kg
oeg game fowl - hen type
old english game chicken hen

Carlisle Old English Game

old english game rooster
Carlisle Old English Game

Oxford old english game

old english game rooster
oxford english game

Also known by the names : Altenglische Kämpfer,  Combattant Anglais Ancien, Combattente Inglese Antico, Oud-Engels Vechthoen, Gamle Engelske Kamphøns, Bojowiec Staroangielski, Staroanglická Bojovníčka, Staroanglické Bojovnice, Óangol Harcos, Staroangliyski Borets

There is also the Old English Game Bantam

english chickens
old eglish game bantam rooster
The Old English Game is that the progenitor of the Old English Bantam Chicken. The word bantam means small, or miniature. When England outlawed cockfighting in 1835

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