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orpington chickens

Orpington Standard ;

One of the most beautiful British breeds is undoubtedly the best known and worldwide Orpington. However, the first variety of Orpington was black and appeared between 1875 and 1885. Minorca roosters, Plymouth Rock chickens and later Langshan roosters were used. The breed was created by the Englishman William Cook, who gave the name to his hometown known as Orpington in Kent.

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The goal in his mind was to make a chicken with good egg production, suitable for exhibitions. He developed the white Orpington almost simultaneously with the black. Buff Cochins used it to create the color buff, among others such as Donker Dorkings and gold-scaly Dutch Fowl. He is said to have used the now rare Lincolnshire Buffs, a close relative of Cochin.

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australorp chicken

Australorp was breed in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century from Orpingtons and Croad Langschans as a dual-use breed and is still one of the more common breeds that can still


In 1894 these Orpingtones were shown for the first time at the Orpington Club exhibition, after which triumphal marches around the world began. They quickly became popular due to their various good qualities such as good egg and reasonable meat production, light flesh color, fast growth and calm character. After that, several other color variants emerged that were not caused by the same type of crosses as the original Orpington. Therefore, they still differ slightly in their species. Buff is the most popular variety worldwide.

Overall impression ;

The Orpington is a large, sturdy animal with a deep, broad, blocky build. Length, width and depth are approximately equal.

A friendly, affectionate dual purpose breed, meaning good egg production – about 150 yellow-brown eggs a year – also during the winter and excellent meat quality. In addition to these useful properties, this variety also has good display properties. Feed consumption of this breed is slightly higher than other breeds.

  • Rooster: 4 – 4.5 kg
  • Hen: 3 – 3,5 kg,

Kinds ;

World-renowned colors are black, buff, white, black mottled white, porcelain, blue, cuckoo, red, partridge, birch, cuckoo partridge and gold black laced. Additionally, there are a variety of colors that are bred on a very limited scale.
Also in Germany, rose comb is recognized among blacks and enthusiasts.

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Orpington blue rooster
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orpington white hen chickens

Also known by the names : Orłowskie, Orpingtonka, Orpingtonky

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