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Poland or Padovana Chickens

Padovana Chicken - Nederlands Baardkuifhoen
polish hen

Padovana Breed history ;

The polish chicken probably come from the more refined Russian titled chickens in northern Italy. There was allegedly a second breeding base in England where chickens were crested, available from Poland. The breed is one of the oldest species with sharp and precise markings. A colorful golden polish chicken is depicted in a painting from 1763 (Frisch, Berlin). The silver color is even older.

The Paduan is an ancient European chicken breed from the common black grouse breed that was bred in several very beautiful color varieties.

Polish Chickens are primarily ornamental and display chickens with interesting head points and a wonderful color painting.

The Nederlands Baardkuifhoen – the bearded Dutch pinch – and Padovana are almost the same breed. In fact, there is no distinction between the two sexes in both Europe and Italy. Even in the Netherlands, it was originally called Paduan, or Padua. This name was changed to Nederlands Baardkuifhoen in 1923.

Weight ;

  • Rooster: 2-2.3 kg
  • Hen: 1.5-1.7 kg

The eggs vary from cream to light brown

Padovana Chicken- blue rooster - polish
polish chicken rooster – poland chicken
different chickens - polish - paduan hens
polish chickens

Also known by the names : Paduaner, Padoue, Padovana, Paduana, Nederlandse Baardkuifhoenders, Padewskie, Paduánka, Paduánky, Páduai

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Poland Bantam - rare chickens
polish chicken breeds
This is the only species of Polish origin. In the past, it was a dual-purpose chicken that was very common among villagers and courtyards, today Polish crested chickens


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