Large Fowl

Standard chickens – Large Fowl

Standard chickens are large-sized chickens, which are usually raised for meat production. Almost all of them are in a small version ( bantam )

The large chicken breeds are divided into six classes

  • American
  • Asiatic
  • Continental
  • English
  • Mediterranean
  • All Other Standard Breeds
  1. Game
  2. Oriental
  3. Miscellaneous
Large Fowl

La Flèche chickens

La Flèche chicken is a rare breed today, but has been available in France since 1660. Its name comes from the town of La Flèche in the Sarthe valley. It is a...

Large Fowl

Houdan Chickens

Houdan chickens were once primarily bred in Paris for meat-loving customers. The aim was to raise a fast growing, heavy chicken with excellent meat quality...