Large Fowl

Standard chickens – Large Fowl

Standard chickens are large-sized chickens, which are usually raised for meat production. Almost all of them are in a small version ( bantam )

The large chicken breeds are divided into six classes

  • American
  • Asiatic
  • Continental
  • English
  • Mediterranean
  • All Other Standard Breeds
  1. Game
  2. Oriental
  3. Miscellaneous
Large Fowl

Light Brahma Chicken

About light brahma ; Light Brahma may be a very ancient feathered chicken of Asian origin. While the ancestors of recent Light Brahmas came from India, we all...

Large Fowl

Sultan Chicken Breeds

About Sultan Chicken ; It can be quickly determined not only on the basis of its origin, but also in appearance, that this very small chicken species inherited...

Large Fowl

Amrocks Chickens

Amrocks chicken is originally; from the USA, it is bred from dominique chicken, black cochin and black Java chickens and has been a recognized breed of chicken...