Large Fowl

Standard chickens – Large Fowl

Standard chickens are large-sized chickens, which are usually raised for meat production. Almost all of them are in a small version ( bantam )

The large chicken breeds are divided into six classes

  • American
  • Asiatic
  • Continental
  • English
  • Mediterranean
  • All Other Standard Breeds
  1. Game
  2. Oriental
  3. Miscellaneous
Large Fowl

Brahma Chickens

Giant chicken of Asian-American origin, Brahmas arrived within the UK around 1840-1850. the Breeds name comes from the river Brahmaputra in India , although...

Large Fowl

Croad Langshan Chicken

Croad Langshan Chicken History ; The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a serious Croad in 1870 and therefore the Croad Langshan...