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Plymouth Rock or Barred Rock Chicken

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plymouth rock chicken

The Plymouth Rock chicken breed was developed in the United States in the mid-19th century and was first exhibited as a breed in 1869. American Dominiques chicken and Black Javas passed to produce Plymouth Rock and were valued for breed values. like a dual purpose bird. The breed was soon preferred for meat and egg production, as it was somewhat heavier than American Dominique.

History barred rock ;

Plymouth Rock was developed in the United States and was first exhibited as a species in Boston, Massachusetts in 1849. Over time, these early specimens “lost their properties” and disappeared for twenty years until they were seen. At another chicken fair in Worchester, Massachusetts, in 1869.

The breed was recognized by APA in 1874 and is listed on the Livestock Store’s Recovery list.

Rock chicken, one of the first chicken breeds raised in the United States, has a colorful history. Today, in fact, it is one of the most popular backyard birds in the country.


Plymouth Rock, known for their excellent spawning abilities, overall stamina and calm nature, are sturdy, long-lasting and large birds that make them an excellent choice for breeders.

Breed appearance ;

With its distinctive black and white stick feathers, Plymouth Rock has a good reputation in bright red 5-point individual crest and long-lasting, friendly, reliable, succulent and egg production. The legs and skin color are yellow. No hair on the legs.

Recognized Varieties ;

These varieties are often called “Rock” after their name, so Barred Rock is actually a black-and-white Plymouth Rock chicken and all the appropriate breed name is Barred Plymouth Rock.

The original color of Plymouth Rock was Barred. Barred variety remains the most popular color today.

These birds are rewarded for their size. On average, a

  • chicken is about 3.5 kg,
  • and a rooster is about 4.5kg


There is also a bantam variety of Plymouth Rock

Is Plymouth Rock Chicken Good for Eggs?

Egg production of Plymouth Rocks is about four times a week, or about 200 eggs a year. Eggs are usually brown and large. They lay eggs throughout the year.


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plymouth rock rooster
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barred rock hen

Also known by the names : Plimutrok, Plymutka, Plymutky,


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