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Polverara Chickens Italian Breeds

polverara cihcken - black
polverara chickens

Polverara chickens is an ancient breed we have news of it since 1400. Also called “Padovana di Polverare“, “Schiatta di Polverara” or simply “Schiatta”, it is one of the oldest Italian poultry breeds. Some asserted that it was the progenitor of Padovana, others instead just the reverse, that is, that it came from Padovana.

The Polverara chickhen is characterized by a proud tuft of feathers on the head, similar to the crest of an ancient helmet, and by a small crest with horns. The earlobes are white, the red face is surrounded by tufts of feathers that form what in the avian jargon are called beards and favorites.

They are intelligent and nervous animals, with an independent and somewhat wild character, typical of mediterranean breeds.

The liveries recognized for the breed are black and white, although there are plans to reconstitute other liveries, such as those reselected by Mr.

  • Rooster 2,3-2,8 Kg
  • Hen 1,8-2 Kg

The average laying in the first year is 120/150 eggs.

breeds - polverara - italian chickens
polverara hens
white chickens - polverara
polverara white hens

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