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Rhode İsland Red Origin ;

İn the middle of the 19th century, around 1860, rhode island red is a widely used chicken breed grown as a commercial chicken breed from the United States (Rhode Island and Massachusetts). The original breeds are Cochin, Malays and other chicken breeds. Rhode countries have started to spawn hybrids because of their good spawning performance.

Rhode island chicken are fast-growing, early chickens that use feed well or even seek bulk. This means that these chickens can be used very well as stables, but their strength is a large number of eggs.

Rhode island breed is a medium-weight chicken with good egg laying performance of about 180 to 200 eggs per year.

  • Rooster ; 4.00 kg
  • Hen ; 3.00 kg

There is this kind of small form, rhode island bantam

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Also known by the names : Rhode-länder, Rodajland, Rodajlendka, Rodajlendky, Rhode Islandi, Rodayland, 


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