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Rhode Island White Chickens

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The Rhode Island White chicken İnformation ;

is a large dual purpose breed that originated in the state of Rhode Island, USA. Rhode Island Whites is a completely different breed from its more popular counterparts, the Rhode Island Red. But Rhode Island White was developed 50 years later.

They get along well with other chickens. Generally it is a large farm bird.


Rhode Island White Chickens were developed through efforts initiated in 1888 by Poultry farmer John ALonzo Jocoy of Peacedale, Rhode Island. Mr. Jocoy developed this chicken breed by crossing the White Wyandottes with Partridge Cochins and Rose Comb White Leghorn. Rosecomb Rhode Island White Chickens were accepted into the APA Standard of Excellence in 1922.

  • Roosters 3.9 kg
  • Hens 2.9 kg

Typical spawning numbers are 240 -250 eggs per year. The eggs are brown.

rhode island white - american chickens
rhode island white hen

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