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Saxonian Chickens ( Sachsenhuhn )

german chicken breeds - Sachsenhuhn
Saxonian Chickens

Saxonian Chickens is a domestic chicken breed. The breed, first presented to the public at the end of the 19th century, whose characteristics were adapted to the climatic conditions of the Ore Mountains by crossing Minorka chickens with Langschan and Sumatra chickens, was published by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food in the “Red List of endangered livestock breeds 2016 ”classified as“ extremely endangered ”. source

The Sachsenhühner and Sachsenhühner Bantam are recognized in the colors black, cuckoo, white and yellow. image

  • Rooster : 2,5-3,0 kg
  • Hen : 2,0-2,5 kg

The laying capacity of the chickens reaches 180 light yellow to light brown eggs per year. Eggs weighing 55 grams or more are suitable for hatching.

Sachsenhuhn - german chickens
Saxonian rooster
ywllow hen - germna - saxonian
Saxonian hen

Also known by the names : Sachsenhühner,  Poule de Saxe, Pollo della Sassonia, Sajona, Saksenhoen, Saská, Saské, Szász Tyúk

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