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sulmtaler chickens

The Sulmtaler domestic chicken breed was bred from Styrian country chickens around 1900 and spread to Germany between the wars. The Sulmtaler chicken breed was originally kept between Graz, Maribor and the Sulmtal. They are squat, deeply built and weather-hard animals that are acquired with the Sulmtaler chicken breed.

Sulmtaler were bred in Austria in the 1880s from Altsteirer at the beginning and gradually other breeds. They contain Brahmas, Cochins, Houdans, Langschans and Dorkings, among others. Unfortunately, their laying performance decreased, but as good feed converters they became easy to fatten and this is how this bovine hen came into being. The breed is rare and has been added to the Red List of Endangered Livestock Breeds.

The breed also has a small version. Sulmtaler Bantam

  • Roosters : 3.5-4 kg
  • Hen : 2.5-3.5 kg

Chickens make good layers of around 150-180 cream eggs per year and are generally non-brooding.

dual purpose - rooster
sulmtaler rooster
austrian chickens - egg layer -sulmtaler
sulmtaler hen

Also known by the names : Sulmtal, Sulmthaler, Sulmtaly, Sulmtálka, Sulmtálky, Szulmvölgyi

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