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sultan chicken

About Sultan Chicken ;

It can be quickly determined not only on the basis of its origin, but also in appearance, that this very small chicken species inherited its name.

Original sultan chicken, today’s the first time in the history of Turkey or one of the other graced the sultan’s palace garden. He also has a headdress and a lush beard on his head. It reminds with a little imagination of the turban and one of the old bearded sultans, whose sultan chickens were once pampered in their gardens.

Overall impressium:

Sultan chickens are small, fluffy birds. The neck is particularly hairy, which makes the head look very short. The head is also feathered with a beard and a very large round head. The small horn-shaped comb with V-shaped flesh cone is covered with a cap. The breed has five toes, thighs are well developed, legs are hairy.

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Color Varieties:

The only accepted color variation is white, but although pure silver is a white advantage, a light yellow shade can be considered positive, especially in roosters.

It also functions as an eye-catcher, as only the sultan chicken is not bred for meat or performance. It is relatively low with 70 egg laying rate per year. Shell color of eggs: white

  • Sultan rooster only 2 kg.
  • Sultan hen 1.5 kg.
white chicken - rooster - sultan
suntan rooster
chick - sultan -show
sultan chick

Also known by the names : Sultan-hühner, Sultane, Sultano, Sultana, Sultan Hoen, Sułtany, Sultanska, Sultánka, Sultánky, Szultán Tyúk,


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