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Sundanese Gamefowl

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Sundanese Gamefowl-chickens

Sunda Islands gamefowl or Indonesian gamefowl

Sundanese are originally from the Indonesian island of Java. The today’s Sundan warrior was created by Professor Kooij after importing animals from Indonesia to the Netherlands in 1970. This medium-sized fighting chicken was recognized in Germany in 1994. They are very graceful, agile and very suspicious animals that run away when they are in danger. In addition, they can fly very well. Their flying abilities are similar to those of the pheasant. A closed study is therefore highly recommended.

Classified as a rare breed that is particularly promoted by the European organization!


Rooster: 2.5-3 kg
Chicken: 2-2.5kg


black, golden-wheat color;

The spawning capacity is about 120 eggs per year, ie about one egg every 3.0 days.

Gamefowl indonesian - chickens
Sundanese Gamefowl
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Sundanese Gamefowl hen

Also known by the names : Sundanesische Kämpfer, Combattant des Iles de la Sonde, Soendanese Vechthoen, Bojowiec Sudański, Szudáni Harcos

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