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Sussex large fowl informations;

England (County Sussex), early 19th century, bred for show breeding since the 1900s.

General impression;

A spacious, medium sized, raised fowl with straight body shape, slightly upright in front. No significant differences except for secondary sex characteristics. The hen has a small upright comb.

Speckled Sussex ;

The Sussex originates in the historic county of Sussex, in south-east England. It is among the oldest of British chicken breeds described as “Old Sussex or Kent Fowl” were shown at the first poultry show at London Zoo in 1845

Weight ;

  • rooster: 3.5-4 kg.
  • Hen: 3-3.5 kg.

Eggs: 180 – 210 cream / light brown.


Brown, Buff, Coronation, Light, Red, Speckled, Silver, White . Of these, the speckled was the oldest.

They are also available in bantam versions. Sussex Bantam

english chickens
sussex rooster
sussex chickens
sussex hen – Speckled Sussex

Also known by the names : Susex, Saseks, Sasexky


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