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Thuringian bearded chicken

Thuringian beard informaton ;

Thuringian Bearded is a German chicken breed from the group of hood hens with characteristic hair growth in the neck region originating from the state of Thüringen. Thuringian bearded chicken is a medium-sized chicken that stands out due to a small comb and small wattage formation.


The town of  Ruhla is located in the western part of the German Forest of Thuringia. Bearded crested chickens are said to have appeared in the middle of the 18th century. Thuringian Bearded in Thuringia was called “chubby cheeks”. Their ancestors most likely Poland, It was Padovana Chicken.

In Germany, the breed was born out of the merger of separate East and West German private associations in 1990, the Special Union for the Protection of Thuringian Bearded and Thuringian Bearded Bantam .

The colors are black, white, blue, yellow, spotted, gold-black spotted, silver-black spotted, chamois-white spotted and partridge.

  • Rooster 2-2.5 kg
  • Hen 1.5-2 kg

Egg and ovulation performance Initially, the owners of Thuringian bearded chickens were concerned with many eggs. However, when these beautiful chickens are optimized only for their appearance, laying performance has decreased. With at least 160 white eggs, the Thuringian chubby cheek still stretches very well today.

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Thuringian bearded hen black
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Thuringian bearded chicken buff
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Thuringian bearded chicken blue hen
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Thuringian bearded chicken rooster

Also known by the names : Thüringer Barthühner, Barbu de Thuringe, Barbuta di Turingia, Turingia Barbuda Thuringer Baardhoen, Thüringer Skæghøns, Turyngijski Brodacz, Tirinška Bradata, Durínčanka Durínski, Vousáči Thüringiai, Szakállastyúk Tyuringska, Bradata Kokoshka, Thuringer


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