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Touraine chickens

Touraine chickens - black - rooster hen
Touraine chickens

The word “gelline” comes from “gallina” which means chicken in Latin. The term géline no longer appears in dictionaries, but was now recorded and adopted to denote this breed of chicken unique to Touraine.

Centuries later, in 1912, two amateur breeders founded Club Avicole de Touraine and created the breed: Géline de Touraine was born!

After its near disappearance after World War II, it was rescued by passionate breeders in the 1970s.

This breed comes from Touraine, a local black hen crossed with Croad Langshans. It disappeared for a while, was rebuilt, crossing the Croad Langshan and the black Bresse-Gauloise.

Géline de Touraine is a durable breed that is not affected by bad weather and diseases due to its white flesh that is hard, tasty and soft. Feathers are black with metallic reflections, feet are slate gray and comb, cheeks and earlobes are solid red.

  • Rooster: 3 – 3.5 kg
  • Chickens: 2.5 – 3 kg

It is a good layer of around 170 eggs per year 65/70 g.

french chickens - black chickes
Touraine chickens rooster
black hen - french
Touraine chickens hen

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