Large Fowl

Vogtländer Chickens

Vogtlander chickens - german breeds
Vogtlander chickens - rooster

The Vogtländer  chickens are medium-sized chickens with a strong country fowl shape and a medium-high position. They show close-fitting plumage and are lively and agile.

Bred in the Vogtland for decades from Andalusians, partridge-colored Rhinelander, Welsummer and Dominicans. The Vogtlanders combine many very good characteristics of their original breeds. They are robust, weather-resistant, precocious and are very good forage seekers. In 1979 they were recognized in Leipzig. source

  • Rooster 2-2.5 kg
  • Hen 1.75-2.25 kg

The laying capacity is around 180 eggs per year, i.e. around one egg every 2.0 days.

german chickesn - large fown - landhuhn
Vogtländer chickens – hen

Also known by the names : Vogtlander, Vogtvidéki

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