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Vorwerk Chicken Breeds

Vorwerk german chickens - farm -Vorwerkhuhn
Vorwerk chickens - Vorwerkhuhn

Vorwerk chickens were bred from lakenfelder , yellow Orpington, yellow Ramelslohern, Andalusians and the Sotteghams from 1900 onwards. In 1912 the breeding results were shown for the first time in Hanover and Berlin: Very strong, compact, not too bony country fowl shape with hardly medium height. Both sexes with the same drawing facilities. The aim of breeding, then and now, is a coarse, strong and stocky country hen with good economic properties, which with its beautiful, deep yellow color and black hangings, fits on every farm.

Vorwerk chicken has a smaller version of Vorwerk Bantam.

  • Rooster: 2.5-3.0 kg
  • Hen: 2.0-2.5 kg

The egg production in the first year is 150 yellowish eggs.

rooster images - voerwerk - huhn
Vorwerk rooster
german chickens - worwerk - yellow chickens
Vorwerk hen

Also known by the names : Vorwerkhühner, Vorwerk hoen, Forverka, Forverky, Vorwerk Tyúk

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