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White-faced Black Spanish Chickens

cara blanca - spanish
White-faced Black Spanish

Española Cara Blanca

The white-faced Spanish is a native breed of Spanish hen. It is considered the oldest breed bred in the Mediterranean area. The British record data referring to this hen since 1572. This breed was admitted to the American Poultry Association in 1874. It is native to Spain, from where it was brought to the Caribbean and from there to the rest of America. In South America they became popular during the colonial period, where they were known as the birds of Seville. The selection of breeders has achieved a long and sloping white face, free of wrinkles, from the black Castilian.

Characteristics ;

It is a hen of medium size, rather light corresponding to the Mediterranean type, with a graceful and elegant general appearance. The size of her white ears is striking, a color that spreads throughout her face. It has a simple five-tooth crest and slate blue tarsi. They have glossy black plumage and are closely related to the Minorca and Castellana Negra breeds. Their most distinguishing feature are their white, low-hanging ear-lobes, which are actually overdeveloped. They have a single comb, four toes, and no crest.

Spanish Bantam types are also available


  • Rooster 2.5-3 kg.
  • Hen 2-2.5 kg.

Lay 160–180 white eggs per year, with a weight of about 80 g

Española Cara Blanca
spanish chicken - black
White-faced Black Spanish hen

Also known by the names : Espagnole à face blanche, Spagnola a faccia bianca, Spaanse Witwang Hvidkindet, Spanier, Spanish, Hiszpańskie, Španielky, Španělky, Spanyol, Ispanska Belolika, Spaniola

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