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Yamato Gunkei Japanese Chickens

Yamato Gunkei - japan game fowl

Yamato Chicken İnformations ;

Yamato Gunkei is the largest of the small Shamo breeds, and could be considered an intermediate size (with the Chibi Shamo being its bantam equivalent). It was created inside the Hiroshima region of Japan throughout the 1920’s. It arrived in Europe in 1980 thru some Belgian breeders and is Britain it’s far exhibited as large fowl.

Although it has the Chibi Shamo as a smaller version, it’s miles nevertheless usually also considered to be, and shown as, a bantam Shamo breed.

It is an ancient ornamental breed, and the purpose is to be as thick-set, exaggerated and full of person as possible inside the weight limits. The main feature is a very heavily wrinkled face, which gets more and more ugly with age. Colour of plumage is not important, but it must be difficult and sparse with bare red pores and skin displaying at throat, factor of wing, down the keel and around the vent.

The Yamato Gunkei is an in-between size of oriental Gamefowl

  • Cock: 1.8 – 2.7Kg,
  • Hen: 1.35 – 2.25Kg.

Yamato Gunkei do now not lay many eggs and stock may be expensive.

5-20 white or tinted.

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Yamato Gunkei japanese chicken breeds

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